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Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co., Ltd.

Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co., Ltd., as part of the Consinee Group, which is an export-oriented enterprise specialized in fancy yarn design and development, is currently the production base of the high-end fancy yarn in the industry. Now the company possesses 36 imported fully-new Italian-made PAFA machines, and produces every year more than 2,000 tons of fancy yarns of high-grade natural fibers, such as cashmere, royal alpaca, filament silk and sustainable South African mohair.
In SS 21 collection, We have introduced new elements: Polyamide fiber (Recycled), Acetate(Naia™),along with four new kinds of corresponding yarns.



Yarn Count:  Nm 35000

Composition:  27%Super Kid Mohair 21%Extrafine Merino Wool 52%Polyamide Fiber

Product Description:  This extra-fine brushed yarn is made of 24.5 μm top-quality mohair from South Africa. It feels smooth and delicate, as thin as a veil, light and soft, transparent and impervious, and the thinnest can be used for 16GG weaving. The silky dazzling mohair floats on the surface of the exquisite yarn, very much like a dandelion, with a hazy feeling of seeing flowers in the fog.

Contact Information:

Contact:   mary.xu@top-line.org

Website:   http://www.fancy-yarn.com

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