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Südwolle Group

Südwolle Group is a global producer of worsted yarn in pure wool and wool blends for weaving, circular, flat knitting and technical applications. The company’s collections Südwolle, Biella Yarn, Yarn in Motion, Richter, HF, Stöhr and Soey are focused on different segments of the global textile market.



Yarn Count:  2/60 Nm

Composition:  70% Merino superfine, super 120’, 17.5µ, anti-shrinkage, 20% linen 10% silk

Product Description:  Very fine Merino wool for softness and comfort. The linen fibers are left white for a unique fabric style. The introduction of luxurious silk adds an extra touch of subtlety.

Contact Information:

Contact:   yarns@zys-suedwollegroup.com

Website:   https://www.suedwollegroup.com

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