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Zhongding reaches deep into Inner Mongolia and the Tibetan Plains to establish an all natural cashmere pasture. Their direction for the future is clear. It is to focus on pure natural fibers and through innovative spinning processes, they aim to pursue the ultimate yarns that will connect the upper and lower markets through sustainable production methods. Zhongding’s newest collection was inspired by the poem written by renowned Chinese poet Su Shi. ‘With full spring in the air blew a gentle breeze east, the moonbeam turned around the porch in a sweet moist mist..’ In SS23-24, they have superimposed fabrics of different thicknesses to show the view of nature looming behind the fog. The effect of visual dislocation is used to reflect the process of fogging and dispersing, gradually explores the process from abstraction to clarity. SS23 latest research and development include antibacterial functional products and ultra fine semi worsted products. The new corporate strategy is to upgrade the enterprise intelligently, explore the industrial ecology in hopes that it will lead to further development of the industry.



Yarn Count:  2/26 Nm

Composition:  100% Cashmere

Product Description:  Selection of high-quality cashmere fiber and to ensure the control of production processes, making the products show the characteristics of soft, light, smooth and spongy.

Contact Information:

Contact:   vicky@zdtex.com

Website:   https://www.zdtex.com

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