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Zhejiang Yana Textile Co.,Ltd

YANA is a leading manufacturer of high-end spring and summer yarns. The company has a leading advantage in the application of high-elastic yarn, with an annual output of more than 2,000 tons of high-end spring and summer yarn such as Elite. Yana aims to be the most professional S/S yarn enterprise through continuous innovation; At the same time, they apply high-quality materials to cutting-edge fashion for all fashion lovers.



Yarn Count:  3/83NM

Composition:  5%Cashmere 10%Silk 70%Tencel 15%Cotton

Product Description:  Aphro series combines cashmere from the high latitudes with silk from the southern water towns, complemented by tencel, to create a warm, soft texture suitable for spring. Like Indulging in the gentleness of spring breeze, it can take the exquisite touch that wears the person,soft and clear. Stock available - MOQ 3 kgs per colour.

Contact Information:

Contact:   yana@cn-yana.com

Website:   https://www.cn-yana.com/en

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