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M.ORO CASHMERE is dedicated to environmental protection, organic and ecological concept, respecting the cashmere culture, practicing the certification of origin, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the cashmere industry.
To ensure the highest quality of cashmere yarn and promote sustainable cashmere agricultural practices, M.ORO has passed the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS) certified by AbTF and follows four main principles: protecting animal welfare in cashmere production; helping cashmere goats farmers to obtain sustainable income; enhance the resistance of cashmere production to climate change; protect the environment. And endow high-end cashmere brands with great cultural value.



Yarn Count:  2/26 Nm, 2/15 Nm

Composition:  100%Cashmere (Undyed)

Product Description:  Each ton of undyed cashmere produced will save 5.5-6 tons of water, 200-500 KWH of electricity, 0 dyes, 0 auxiliaries. We keep the length of the fiber to 36-38 mm, 15.5-15.8 micron. Using the excellent fibers intensively delivers the most natural quality.

Contact Information:

Contact:   susan@morocashmere.com

Website:   http://www.morocashmere.com

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