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Huajiana Cashmere

With over 30 years of experience, Huajiana has always been in pursuit of excellent quality. To satisfy customers’ lifestyles, Huajiana has launched a series of cashmere yarns for men, women, children, and household accessories. The cashmere fibres are selected by experienced local herdsmen, and each yarn is produced from selected high-quality raw material.
In striving for the spirit of ingenuity, Huajiana is committed to becoming the largest supplier in the cashmere field, offering a genuine stock service.



Yarn Count:  2/72Nm

Composition:  20% Cashmere 47% Mercerized Wool 25% PVA 6.4% Nylon 1.6% D/AS

Product Description:  Wisdom is a semi-worsted yarn blended with luxury cashmere and elastic nylon. This is a superfine, light-weighted, and anti-static yarn.

Contact Information:

Contact:   rikinn@huajiana.cn

Website:   http://www.huajiana.cn

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