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Yarntalk Textile Co., Ltd

Yarntalk Textile Co., Ltd was founded in 1985 in Taiwan, relocated to Zhongshan Guangdong in 2010. It mainly produces various fancy yarn, such as brush yarn, loop yarn, roving yarn, slub yarn, rainbow yarn, etc. The company’s annual production capacity is more than 2.5 million pounds. With the rise of environmental awareness, their product development team adopted more functional recycled fibers and special natural fibers, such as seawool and kapok, in recent years. Seawool utilizes patented processing technology from Taiwan to create yarn from recycled polyester with pulverized oyster shell composites. It is an innovation that not only upcycles both land and sea waste but also offers a unique mix of properties that meet the needs of the everyday consumer. The seawool collections provide a variety of yarn counts and outlooks by blended with natural or synthetic fibers. This collection has been sought after by our customers and highly recognized by the market.



Yarn Count:  1/6.5Nm

Composition:  55%Cotton 19%Polyester 26%Acrylic

Product Description:  Irregular earthy rainbow cotton blended yarn available in 5-7 gauges are suitable for autumn winter styles.

Contact Information:

Contact:   maggie@yarn-talk.com

Website:   http://www.yarn-talk.com

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