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Novetex Textiles Limited

Established in 1976 as part of the Novel Group, Novetex Textiles Limited is a yarn spinner with headquarter located in Hong Kong and spinning factories located in Zhuhai, southern China. We work with directional global trends to bring a stock service of qualities and colours that reflect up-to-date market needs.
Targeting best practices and committed to the environment, Novetex strives to improve upon its activities across the business, from efficient energy use to waste minimisation and management.



Yarn Count:  1/5Nm

Composition:  50% Yak 30% Recycled Wool 20% Nylon

Product Description:  Invest in warm exaggerated surface texture with volume and sense of sustainability. INVERNESS - luxurious yak hair with recycle wool and donegal neps, offers a perfect combination, opting for a decorative and ornate statement style.

Contact Information:

Contact:   carol_yeung@novetex.com

Website:   https://www.novetex.com/

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