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Südwolle Group

Südwolle Group is a global producer of worsted yarn in pure wool and wool blends for weaving, circular, flat knitting, and technical applications. The company’s collections Südwolle, Biella Yarn, Yarn in Motion, Richter, HF, Stöhr, and Soey are focused on different global textile market segments. Located in the Nuremberg metropolitan area of Germany,

Südwolle Group employs more than 3000 people globally with production facilities in Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, China, and Vietnam. Sustainable excellence in all its dimensions is a philosophy that drives the organization’s operations, planning, and investment actions.

Discover the new Active Yarn collection for comfortable, elegant, and easy to handle garments! Whether you are relaxing at home, meeting friends, or on the way to work, everyone enjoys the qualities of garments made of Merino wool: Softness, functionality, and comfort!



Yarn Count:  2/60Nm

Composition:  100% Merino wool Superfine, 15.5mic, anti-shrinkage

Product Description:  Ascot is made with the 15.5 microns Merino 'Golden Wool'. Discover a fibre as fine as cashmere, as light as alpaca fur that feels precious and wonderful on your skin.

Contact Information:

Contact:   yarns@zys-suedwollegroup.com

Website:   https://www.suedwollegroup.com

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