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Jiangsu Xinfang Science&Technology Group Co. Ltd

Jiangsu Xinfang science & technology group co., ltd is one of China’s largest semi-worsted yarn factories. The Xinfang group is processing a wool washing, wool tops, dyeing procedure, yarn spinning, fabric knitting facility directly supporting the woollen, semi-worsted spinning & fabric knitting production line. Sustainable is the core theme for the A/W22 season, combining different spinning methods to promote its sustainable fibres & filament. The company collaborates with Lenzing to develop an indigo colours series, reintroducing the denim looks with a new fully sustainable indigo without water & chemical pollution.



Yarn Count:  1/11.8Nm

Composition:  55%Linen 45%Organic Cotton (Plant Dyed)

Product Description:  Alvin uses 100% natural fibers and plant dyes for dyeing soft color, giving the customer a genuine organic garment.

Contact Information:

Contact:   andymao@xinfang.com

Website:   http://www.xinfang.com

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