There is no other knit stitch that so immediately signals winter time than the Fair Isle jacquard pattern,
know for it’s distinctive graphic pattern.
Photos: Annette Pehrsson / SPINEXPO

The SPINEXPO team was smitten during their recent meeting in Paris when they found some felted
and brushed fairisle mittens and socks in the Saint Germain holiday market.

We found a treasure trove of vintage Estonian mittens on Pinterest that have been lovingly mended,
bringing to mind the Boro tradition in Japan of mended denim.
Photos: Pinterest

Photos: Pinterest

Perhaps the most classic combination of color for this cheery stitch is red and white or blue and white,
giving a very Scandinavian feel to the pattern.
Photos: Etsy / Pinterest

Annemor Sundbo managed to salvage and document hundreds of vintage knitting patterns when she bought
the last remaining shoddy factory in Norway.
Photos: Annemor Sundbo

Her Flickr account has many photographs of socks and mittens showing inspirational stitches that were once destined
for the recycling bin.
Photos: Annemor Sundbo