Stella Dallas living is perhaps our favorite vintage shop of the moment, located at 281 North 6th street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just a 2 blocks from the Lorimer street Metro and 4 blocks from the Bedford Street stop on the L train.

The store has the feeling of an old fashioned general store, however the content is completely focused on vintage textiles and trims of all eras and materials.

Stella Dallas Living has to be one of the most well organized and fairly priced vintage textile shops we have seen in a while and filled with lots of inspiration.

Carpets, blankets and racks of nicely organized vintage clothes and textiles create a cozy and tactile environment.

While there were some garments the main focus is textiles, however right next door is the sister store, 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas, which is at least double the size and packed with vintage clothes, with mens and true historical vintage at the back.

Detail shots of garments displayed on the dress forms.

American quilts from all eras.

American flags / Flour sacks

The pretty holiday window display.

Truly a must see if traveling to Williamsburg or Greenpoint either for work inspiration or just for fun.

++Stella Dallas Living: 281 North 6th street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, open 7 days a week, 12:30 - 7:30