Friendships Yarns: Soft and feathery yarns provide a downy surface evoking the tender feelings inherent in friendships. (Topline Consinee)

Friendship Stitch: Textiles and knits have complex structures with contrasting layers and alternating transparent and matte surfaces. (Consinee / Best Leader)

Experiences Yarns: Science and technology inspire future yarns with updated metallics in pale and whitened colors. (Shanghai Galaxy / Kyototex)

Experiences Stitch: Mathematical precision and geometric shapes direct patterns and jacquards stitches, highlighted by metallic glints. (Winning / Filpucci & Kyototex)

Conscience Yarns: Novelty tape yarns have texture and two-tone depth in vibrant, aquatic blues. (Ningbo Zhongxin / GTIG Hubo)

Conscience Stitch: Blister stitches and 3D jacquards mimic underwater shapes via oceanic colors and organic forms. (Huasheng / Winning)

Senses Yarns: Linen blends are twisted with contrasting earthy tones while textures are crimped and slubbed for further novelty. (Honor Industries / Takizen)

Senses Stitch: Open stitches are carefully crafted for knitted and crochet stitches in both lightweight and chunky yarns. (Todd & Duncan / AA Global)