SPINEXPO presents a look at the Spring 2016 color palettes and overall trends being presented by Sophie Steller for the upcoming show in Shanghai on March 9-11, 2015. Moving in a new direction, the Spring / Summer 2016 color preview can be seen in an animated mood-board with beautiful visuals overlaying one another, providing direction for colors and surfaces. Focusing on 4 color palettes, they are divided into warm jewel tones for Friendships, cool blues and greens for Conscience, neutrals with warm accents of red for Senses and a whitened and icy palette for Experiences.

Friendships explore the colors associated with interacting groups of friends and families, focusing on the ideas of warmth, generosity and love.

Conscience highlights the increasing awareness of the environment, from our forests to our seas with strong emphasis on conserving precious resources.

Senses delves into the colors and feelings associated with travel, exploring new cultures and habitats for a holistic experience
of enjoying our surroundings.

Experiences creates a new focus on the new worlds we are discovering through technology and science and how it begins
to affect all corners of our world.