Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy

As the winter months get closer we start to get nostalgic for warmer weather and dream of summers by the sea, a desire perhaps enhanced by the fact that we are in the middle of researching the trends for Spring/ Summer 2017. One of our favorite discoveries is Santa Maria di Castellabate, a small seaside port in Italy’s Campania region, a town a bit off the beaten track located about two hours drive south of Naples.

The beauty of Santa Maria is the sweet simplicity, presented in the layout of a classic Italian summer town filled with winding streets, charming piazzas and a lovely sandy beach that has been awarded over the years with Italy’s exclusive ‘Bandiera Blu’, the top award in Italy for exceptional beaches. Relatively overshadowed by the more famous neighbors of Amalfi and Capri, it is slowly gaining popularity with vacationing Italians as it was featured recently in the Italian film ‘Benvenuti al Sud ‘(Welcome to the South) and continues to draw to a small group of international visitors who perhaps discovered it in the HIP HOTELS guide of Palazzo Belmonte several years ago.

In lieu of flying to Italy for a visit we invite you to view the photos below and join us in our daydream as we wander through the pretty little town of Santa Maria and imagine warm and sunny days...

*Santa Maria is located in Italy’s Campania region.