The Jardin Des Plantes dates back to the 1626 and was previously called Jardin du Roi (King’s Garden) as it was used for a medicinal herb garden by Louis XIII’s physician. It is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris next to Gare Austerlitz and the river Seine.

While a garden that is on the brink of Spring is perhaps not thought of as the ideal time to view, we were captivated by the early stages of spring botanicals, from downy seed-heads to hibernating water plants.

New spring buds mix with dried flower heads in the Alpine Garden, which contains over 3000 species of plants that are found growing above the tree line.

The downy fibers attached to new needs provide a soft and cloudy element to the plants.

The bright red berries of the Japanese Acuba echo the cheery colors of the gardener’s hut in the Alpine Garden where every plant is carefully labelled.

The crocus and the Buddleja Officinalis provide the first glimpse of spring.

Contrasting yet harmonious textures are discovered in the hibernation foliage of the frogfruit (Phyla Canescens) and hornwort (Cetatophyllum demersum).

On the right we get a close-up view of the Water pollination techniques employed by the garden.

The blackened colors of the watermilfoil (myriophyllum) looks rather uninviting while the water fern (Azolla Filiculoides) is ghostly as it floats under the water’s surface.