A changing state

Exploring the concept of Imperfection, we analyse what beauty and its variations mean to different people and cultures of the world. We go beyond our own concept of what we consider beautiful and explore the concept of beauty from the perspective of race and diversity.

The importance of individual difference and perception allows us to consider how something that may be deemed imperfection can sometimes be more beautiful than perfection. Dysmorphic features and robotics bring a new dimension to change, with a drive for supernatural performance

The Beauty of Creation - Activewear

This season’s SPINACTIVE collection is dedicated to product creation and how these processes have evolved through time. We focus on hand-made, machine-assisted and technologically driven approaches, exploring how each has inspired one another. The processes are revealed to the visual senses through pleasing aesthetics but also through intellectual and conscious stimulation. We celebrate the Beauty of Creation by showcasing garments that adapt and shine in an era defined by change and uncertainty.

Authenticity takes inspiration from hand-crafted techniques, stitching and the skills of technical craftsmen that result in beautiful practical garments. The products under Authenticity take the individuality and identity of the human form as their inspiration. Garments follow the form of the body, revealing and concealing as the wearer desires. The body is left to show in its natural state, reflected in detailing such as freckle-like graphics and body piercing decoration.

The Beauty of Creation is a collaborative partnership from Studio Eva x Carola with the craftsmanship of BaliLab and the innovative seamless and circular knitting technology from Santoni Shanghai. Yarns from Longrun, Zixin, Shi-Kwan Metallic Yarn, Sudwolle, Huayuan, Dae Kyung Textile, Hotta and Hi-Tech Polyace Biobased Fiber Co. Ltd form the core yarns of this concept.