SPINEXPO is pleased to announce that British designer Felicity Brown has once more collaborated with the SPINEXCLUSIVE trend forum to create bespoke garments for our F/W 16 show. SPINEXPO was interested to work with Felicity this year in part for her museum-worthy garments (her pieces have been shown at the V&A in London in addition to curated exhibits in USA, Italy and Korea) and in part for her artisanal, hands-on approach to the creative process of designing, notably her dying techniques which she has been honing for the past 15 years.

A look at her process; A component she cites as an important aspect to her creative process is connection to people and this is apparent in her innate curiosity and warm sense of humor that one encounters within the first few minutes of meeting her. Starting with her research for inspiration (which at the moment is focused on African tribal art and Victorian corsetry), she then turns to her love of fabrics, where she creates her masterfully dyed and painted textiles that her garments are famous for.

Working with a pattern-cutter to get the fabrics shaped into workable pieces she then immediately starts to deconstruct and cut apart the shapes. Citing the body as a key reference point for all of her designs, she fits the garment on both the mannequin and herself in a constant back-and-forth movement, sculpting them into an ever-changing vision until she is satisfied that the dress fits perfectly. Assuredly the garments look beautiful on the body however we are tempted to hang her dresses on the wall as one would do with a beautiful piece of art, which is perhaps the best description of these pieces which sometimes take over a month to create and are being sought by curators and collectors.

Felicity Brown lives in London and her designs are currently available on a made-to-order basis. You can follow her on Instagram @felicitybrown23