As fiber arts are being rediscovered by a younger generation we see the hyper-tactile surfaces influence knitwear designs and techniques. Both small and large scale wall hangings are updated for a fresh way to incorporate fiber art into the home environment and while some are exclusive installations commissioned from the artist we can also find beautiful pieces available for purchase as artists and designers promote their products on Etsy or in small boutiques.

Knitwear mimics hand-woven aspects via high-pile loops and abstract instarsia patterns with lofty and multi-colored yarns. (Sweater by &Other Stories shot for REVS Magazine / Knit Swatch by SPINEXPO

Various lengths of fringe create a homespun feel to spring knitwear, seen in both mono-color or contrasting colors. (Celine / Judit Just)


Knitwear can create similar surface as the plush, hand-woven pile by using long eyelash yarns or jumbo boucle. (Judit Just / Thakoon)

South African artist Lyndi Sales created an installation that mixed brightly colored fine threads which were layered upon each other. (Lyndi Sales Audience Installation)

Other techniques like padding, quilting, felting and embroidery help give a handcrafted touch to simple silhouettes. (Anna Zwick Collection / Mariannne Moodie)