Tempering energy brings intensifying inspiration.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology have changed, and will evolve and direct the way we live and think. The fashion industry is not isolated or ignorant to this development and this growth will affect the functional, aesthetic and technical development of materials and garments.

We seek products that will reduce waste, reshape fashion and offer sustainable innovations that will not only influence the garment, but its wearer interface.


Nylons and poly blends, monofilaments, fibre optic yarns and PTT fibre combinations.

Fine mohair, hairy mohair or hairy synthetics, elastane blends, metallics. Fine boucles, high tech and eco-friendly. Matt oiled-finish rayons, glossy and super fine. Cotton and polyester blends that are super fine yet compact and polyesters that sparkle and stretch with ultrafine yarn counts.

Iridescent, pearlized, translucent, fine yarns, matt & shiny viscose, stretch yarns (Lycra), polyesters, nylons, cottons, sustainable wools and performance yarns.

Knitwear and stitches:

Amalgamation, expansive, enhanced, raised structures, cramming and spacing, extensions, edge work. Transparency, icy finishes, bio-gaze, bobbles, wavy edgework and technicity. A mix of density and transparency

Tensioned knits similar to elastic bands, stretchy spandex knits, diamond structures, surface detailing, and structured support, active inspired catering to movement.

Pleating and embossed 3D details.