Contradicting forces bring unpredictable patterns

We study how natural forces oppose one another to transform their surroundings. Exothermic or endothermic reactions create inward and outward bursts of energy creating modern, psychedelic, and futuristic technological structures.

We are inspired by the interaction of patterns and colours that can be found in pollution and how this and other waste related environmental challenges collide with our own existence.


Multi coloured and mixed textured yarns, spongy and furry yarns, felted finishing. Cord yarns, mohair, cashmere; fine and felted chenille, covered yarns, boucle and brushed tech yarns; chunky and fancy blends coloured wools; metallic aspect yarns.

Knitwear and stitches:

Knot knitting techniques, chunky knit style, stretchy and strong. Experimental knits play on varying yarn thickness. Encasing looks, protective, making knitwear “tough” using luxury yarns with incorporation of metal works

Designs inspired from rugs, cut yarn techniques, wall hangings, paint-peel like effects. Loose yarns and fringes, patchworks and furry effects; kinetic, global strain, explosive new beginnings; large scale structures, highly textural, modern tweeds, elongated floats; unpredictable patterns, digital disruptions, crafty elements, thick & thin yarns, loops, embellishments.

Gradations, mixed patterns, organized randomness, broken patterns; explosion of colours and wavy patterns, irregular; rubbish waste, interwoven, different float lengths for a smooth and delicate pattern effect.