Tempered forces bring resilience and balance

Harmony and chaos have always functioned alongside each other, natures great balancing act. The power of distortion to twist and change original appearance, transitioning from one extreme to another, paradoxically we achieve balance.

We focus on the interaction and counteraction of power between elastic fibre and natural yarn to show relative balance when forces are applied or change; the relationship between a relaxed environments and the disarray of lands, inspiration from aerial photography and the differentiation of chaos and calm.


Loose yarns with a rug feel, uneven finish. Thick and thin yarns, elastic blends, fine wools, cashmere, textured yarns; temperature modulation (Coolmax), water repellent processes (Aquafil), geometric patterns.

Merino, cashmere, mohair, metallic yarns. Plain yarns are important, all gauges, multiple colour options, subtle marls. Crazy fancy yarns, modern Chanel inspired yarns, block colours and bio fibres as a surface yarn. Transparent yarns.

Knits and stitches:

Directional, fusion of colour; extra weft pattern work, tapestry techniques, tie-in distortions, double cloth geometrics; laying-in, multivariable, irregular stripping, experimenting with ripples, cables, moving ladders, reverse sides knits.

Entanglement, disruption, broken geometric patterns, confused lines, concave-convex abstract patterns,