The Anni Albers exhibition currently on display in London at the Tate Modern is a must-see for any textile or yarn enthusiast. Presenting the much overlooked work of modernist weaver and artist Anni Albers, the exhibit is beautifully spare and elegant, allowing the textiles to garner all the attention and encouraging the viewer to fall in love with the artistic genius of her work.

Born in Germany in 1899, Albers attended the influential Bauhaus School in Weimar, Germany, where she studied under Paul Klee and also met her future husband, Josef Albers. At first reluctant to take the textiles class, Albers soon fell in love with the dynamic and creative outlet of weaving. She later moved to America and taught for years at the Black Mountain College in North Carolina, where she experimented and encouraged her students to experiment with using everyday objects in their work. Of note is the beautiful historical textiles on display that Albers collected on her frequent trips to South America which inspired Albers and provide context to her later work.

With more than 350 pieces on display, the exhibit is a rich portrait of this talented weaver and is open until January 27, 2019.