Laura McPherson is a teacher at the prestigious London Royal College of Arts, and a specialist of knits and structures reinvented and reworked that are favoured by visitors and experts.

Personal Patterns

Personal Patterns is driven by texture; raw and uncomplicated in its design, the focus is on the natural aspect. Fibrous, hair like yarns are worked into, with sensitivity and depth, resulting in multi-facetted fabrics that are modern in application but pure to the touch. Hand and machine knit elements are fully intertwined, through felting, needle punching and woven aspects. Heavy weight fabrics are layered in areas, providing warmth and the subtle colour palette adds to this feeling of natural one-off construction.

Memories and Performance

Driven by technical innovation and yarn manipulation, Memories and Performance explores stitch, function and form with the aim to challenge and inspire. Test like pieces consider a high-tech approach, investigating heat setting, thermochromic yarns and encapsulation. Form fitting shape is created through the integral use of stretch, and plastic coating is added to provide water resistance. The collection forms a multiple application approach through the dynamic use and integration of yarn properties and intriguing colour.


Disruption is the fusion of techniques, explored through intarsia, fairisle and inlay to create disjointed and fragmented pattern. Colours are clashing, unexpected and layered, working both on and off the machine, with the addition of stitch, needle punch and felting. Lines are disrupted with altered directions, developed to create impact and a sense of movement. There is focus on blurring the lines between techniques and processes, creating a mixed media, multi-disciplinary approach.


Padded and quilted elements are the focus for Refuge, alluding to the idea of fabrics for survival and protection, shape and form are dominant throughout. Colours are bold, with immense depth and intrigue. The integration of plastic is seen as both a form of inspiration and a fundamental material for application, alongside additional printing and laser cut processes. Refuge aims to explore the juxtaposition of contrasting yarn qualities through both texture and form.


Emergence explores the organic textures and forms of frozen surfaces in nature, with a concentration in stitch and contrasting components. Heavy weight devoré and puff binder are used to heighten differentiating textures and create subtle form. Crystallised qualities are created through the integration of metallics and beading, exploring dense elements with moments of transparency. Cocoon like shapes are at the forefront of these designs, bringing a contemporary approach to the subject of morphing pattern and form.